KPS Newsletter 1/2019
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The advantages offered by the new features in KPS designstudio v6
at a glance:

  • Easier selection and editing of saved views
  • Create saved views with one click
  • Saved perspective views without rendering
  • Automatically generated views for plan view and perspective
  • Automatically generated views for worktop, installation and tiling view

As from KPS designstudio v6 it is now easily to save individual views in individual tabs and move between the views with just one mouse click. The individual views are not re-rendered each time. Individual views can be edited and saved as required.




As from KPS designstudio v6 individual automatically generated views are provided from the start of the design. For example, a worktop view is directly displayed when creating a plan view.


It is no longer necessary to call it up via the print preview, rather you can now call it up directly in the design from Stored view.




Click on the plus symbol to add your own new view next to the saved views. Each new view can be assigned its own name.


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